Brigada Healthline Corporation is one of the Brigada conglomerate’s major lifeblood,, primarily because of the nature of its business in marketing and distribution of herbal products, medicinal drugs, premium soap detergents, engine oil additive and cosmetics.

BHC has in its disposal more than twenty (20) products and brands that are bannered by Drivemax Adult Herbal Dietary Capsule, Power Cells Herbal Capsule, Guard-C Calcium Ascorbate, Nutricleanse Herbal Capsule, Bossing Laundry and dishwashing detergents and Bridgette Cosmetics.

As its business strategy, BHC creates its own way of selling and marketing the products, producing its own collaterals and advertisements, which are aired over Brigada News FM stations all over the country, to generate the desired demand from the public.

In keeping with the Brigada core values of delighting and respecting its customers, the company adopts innovative approaches in coming up with quality products that readily responds to the needs of the public it serves.

BHC maintains its own pool of proficient sales and marketing professionals with firm resolve to be the best of the best, willing to respond creatively to the changing times, discover new opportunities and be at the edge of innovative service and efficient product delivery.

Being such, BHC provides its customer with products and services second to none, ensuring that the public it serves truly will experience life, with quality.