Most frequent questions and answers

Good results in as little as 1 week to 1 month time, depending on their condition. The secret of Power Cells health benefit is to continue taking it even when desired results have already been achieved.

Has no over dosage because it is a natural food supplement, it has no side effects and no adverse reaction.

It is best to give any health product to expecting mothers after the 1st trimester (1st 3 months) of pregnancy. This is to ensure that the growing fetus inside the womb is mature enough to benefit from the highly nutritious content of pc.

Power Cells is very much safe. It can help lactating mothers develop healthier body as nutrients from pc helps in producing quality milk.

Children 6 years old and above can take pc capsule provided that the child can swallow the capsule. For six-year old kids, it is best to mix power cells with honey or warm milk.

FOR ADDRESSING AN ISSUE, best taken 2 capsules three times a day 1 hour after meal. For maintenance, 1 capsule in the morning and another in the evening, an hour every after meal.

YES. It is because of the components like cayenne pepper and garlic.

The capsule membrane itself is basically made of seaweeds and non-synthetic, non-toxic, food-grade materials.